Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop (level 3)

Prerequisite: Advanced Pranic Healing (level 2)
Time investment: 1 day
Contribution: €484 incl VAT
Trainers: Netherlands – Vivek Joshi | India – Dr. Prashant
Take your Health into your own hands!

You will learn in the Pranic Psychotherapy workshop very special techniques to deal with all kinds of psychological problems. Many physical ailments originate in emotional / mental problems, like stress and fears. By combining the treatment of the psychological source of the ailment, you get much faster results. This will help you to reduce your healing time and have deeper healing for yourself and your clients.

In this workshop you will learn:

• Psychological anatomy of the human energy field and chakras.
• Psychotherapy scanning techniques of the chakras. Allows you also to make a character profile of your client of yourself. You are then able to coach effectively on those areas.
• Treatment protocols for stress, grief, anxiety, phobias, trauma, hallucination, depression, dyslexia and other psychological problems.
• Various forms of self-healing for all kinds of psychological challenges. This allows you to quickly remove long-term patterns & emotional blockages from your system.
• Energy shields to protect your own chakras and aura and of your clients & loved ones. This amazing technique will make your healings more effective and longer lasting.
• Healing of relationships.
• Special variation of Twin Hearts meditation to heal your emotions & mind.


All the workshops develop your practical healing skills, guided by a licensed and experienced trainer.