Basic Pranic Healing workshop – level 1

Prerequisite: none
Time investment: 2 days
Contribution: €363 incl btw (Netherlands)
Trainers: Nederland – Alex te Paske, BSc | India – Dr. Prashant

Take your Health into your own hands!

Our Basic Pranic Healing workshop (also called Pranic Healing level 1) is the first of the four healing workshops. In two days you can learn the foundation of Pranic Healing and treat effectively many ailments, for yourself and others. All the workshops are based on many years of research and developed by Master Choa kok Sui. The workshop is the skill training, the book is your theory and study book, which you can use effectively after the workshop: Miracles through Pranic Healing (via for sale in Dutch, complementary in the Indian workshops).

What you learn in the workshop:
• Energetic Anatomy: The 11 energy centers and their functions.
• Effective treatment protocols for symptoms and syndromes, for yourself and others.
• Stay vital and healthy: Preventive healing techniques.
• Feel the energy: scan the energy centers and aura with your hands.
• Breathing techniques for amazing energy level during your day.
• Learn how to protect you from energy contamination.
• The Twin Hearts meditation for deep relaxation, peace and illumination.
• Life principles for a successful and healthy life: About how karma works and how you can use this to your advantage.
• Various self-healing techniques
• Distance Healing techniques, to take care of your loved ones wherever they are.

All the workshops develop your practical healing skills, guided by a licensed and experienced trainer.