Advanced Pranic Healing (level 2)

Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing (level 1)
Time investment: 2 days
Contribution: Netherlands €484 incl VAT
Trainers: Nederland – Alex te Paske, BSc | India – Dr. Prashant
Take your Health in your own hands!

In the Advanced Pranic Healing workshop you will learn very advanced healing techniques. Healing can be done much faster and more effective for simple but also for serious ailments. Master Choa stated that what you learn in 2 days in the Advanced Pranic Healing workshop, normally would take as long as 10 to 20 years to learn.

You will learn:

  • Making the different colors Pranas and learn how to use them safely. These are far more effective in healing compared to white prana.
    • Advanced method to scan the energy centers. This way you can treat ailments more specific on yourself and others.
    • Powerful healing techniques for healing fresh wounds, regeneration of nerve tissue and organs and also to strengthen the immune system.
    • Master Healing technique for strengthening the body and accelerated recovery.
    • Visually Instructive & Healing techniques as complementary healing techniques, so as to directly strengthen the cells and organs.
    • All of the techniques you can use for others but also for yourself.All the workshops develop your practical healing skills, guided by a licensed and experienced trainer.