Pranic Feng Shui Consult

Suggested Price: 350.00

Through the centuries, the Science of directions and energy of the environment has been practiced by Chinese, Indian and other practitioners. Master Choa Kok Sui studied this in details to determine the essence of Feng Shui, seperated from superstition or tradition. This is called Pranic Feng Shui.

A consultation can help you to achieve:

• Better financial wealth
• Improved relationships
• Better health
• Happiness and peace at home.

All of these facets in your life are enhanced by Pranic Feng Shui. We can visit your home, office, workspace and help them to function optimally.

Dr. Prashant & Alex at Paske make use of the various techniques of Pranic Feng Shui, Spiritual Business Management, Kriyashakti and Pranic Healing, combined with psychic diagnosis and scanning of the location and people.

The rate range is € 350 – € 1250, depending on the size and the rooms. Please contact us for details.