Prana Cosmetics Consult

Suggested Price: 95.00

Pranic Healing for everything including beauty and cosmetics, People spend millions of money for looking beautiful, have you thought about the energy that you carry makes all the difference?

We offer you one of the most advanced applications of Pranic Healing called Pranic Facelift, body sculpting, weight loss and facials. Get rid of your wrinkles without using heavy chemicals or any kind of applications on your skin. Using Pranic Healing protocols, based on years of experiments and research, we can tuck your belly in, help enhance different aspects of your body, remove wrinkles and let your inner beauty come out. Also its possible to use Pranic Healing for weight loss.

For a series of treatments we recommend 6 to 8 sessions, where we also coach you to address internal causes. You will get simple exercises, diet advice if necessary and so we will help you to let the inner beauty come to the surface. Ask us for details.