What is Pranic healing?

Pranic healing is an energy based healing system, which balances through prana, chi (life energy), your body and mind within a short time. The system is developed by the Chinese-Filipino scientist Master Choa KoK Sui.

The body has an energy system which consists of an aura (energy field of the body) and chakras (wheel-like energy centers in the energy body). In the energy body, blockages can occur. By removing the blockage and bring in vital energy, the body can harmonize and recover itself faster.

For everyone it is possible to learn to feel energy with their hands and learn to “heal”. After attending the two day workshop you will be able to treat yourself, others and people away with all kinds of ailments. After the first training, there are 3 higher levels of healing: Advanced (2 days), Psychotherapy Pranic Healing (1 day) and Crystal Pranic Healing (1 day) to further your healing skills. These workshops give you amazing techniques to effectively treat chronic, severe and psychological ailments.

All workshops are very practical oriented and give you also access to many techniques to heal yourself.

It supports you also in:

  • Spiritual and personal development – Arhatic Yoga
  • Prosperity and success – Kriyashakti
  • Inner peace, tranquility and harmony – Twin Hearts Meditation, super brain yoga, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshop