MASTER CHOA KOK SUI is the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He was born in Cebu, Philippines, and became a yogi while he was still in his early teens.

He spent most of his early life in studying and mastering Yoga,
Meditation, etc. He was Chemical Engineer and became a business tycoon
in the Philippines, yet his focus remained on spirituality which led
him to become an author and then a teacher for Modern Pranic Healing &
Arhatic Yoga. Thousands of people from all walks of life – worldwide
started following him and his teachings which are so simple and
powerful at the same time.

One of the specialisations of Master Choa Kok Sui was simplicity. He could simplify lofty spiritual and esoteric axioms and realities into easily understandable lessons so people can follow and make these teachings a way of life.

He authored more than 20 books, some of which have been published in
37 languages and read in over 80 countries worldwide. He also taught
over 20 different courses on Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, and higher
spiritual courses around the world.

He standardised these courses, which continue to be taught by licensed
instructors in many countries. Master Choa Kok Sui also founded and
funded several charitable foundations in many countries to provide
other physical and legal needs in raising human consciousness.  These
charitable foundations continue his humanitarian missions to this
date. He passed away on 19th March 2007, leaving behind a legacy of
this spiritual science for the World.