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FREE Online Power Consult

Our gift to you: A free 10 minute Power Consult! We will help you out the best we can. The session can be done through skype, Facebook calling, zoom or by phone. This session you can book once per person, and is meant for people who didnt take the Basic Pranic Healing workshop yet.

  • Pranic Chakra Scan: Your preferred therapist will scan your aura and chakras with personal advice on your energystem.
  • Specific healing of a local ailment. You will be amazed at what we can do in just 10 minutes!
  • Guided meditation for success in your work, your finances or projects.
  • Energetic protection.
  • Harmonize the relationship with your loved ones.

Choose your preferred Pranic Healing Therapist:

Alex te Paske
Dr. Prashant
Lucas Mulder

World Of Prana

World of Prana is a collaboration between three passionate Pranic Healing trainers & therapists: Alex te Paske (Netherlands, Amsterdam), Lucas Mulder (Netherlands, Utrecht) & Dr. Prashant (India). We combine our strengths to help you experience more balance, relaxation and vitality in your body, mind and life.

In the free 10 min. Power Consult we can do a short healing for specific ailments or make an aura & chakra scan. Through the various workshops and meditations you can learn it yourself. Feel free to contact us so that we can look at your specific situation.


What is Pranic healing?

Pranic healing is an energy based healing system, which balances through prana, chi (life energy), your body and mind within a short time. The system is developed by the Chinese-Filipino scientist Master Choa KoK Sui.

Pranic healing is also:

• Spiritual and personal development - Arhatic Yoga
• Energy principles and techniques for succes and prosperity - Kriyashakti
• Inner peace, relaxation and harmony - Twin Hearts meditation, Superbrain Yoga and Achieving with the Higher Soul workshop



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Yogee Verma, PunePranic Healing guides me in life

Dr Prashant has a very affable personality. One develops instant liking to him even before the interaction begin.
Master teachings has guided me in most turbulent phase of my life and continues ro help me stay on course with the life plan charted for me by divinity.
Meditation sessions with Dr Prashant have a very charming effect on mind and is very refreshing.

Divya Lalchandani, MumbaiGreat teacher

Doctor Prashant is very charismatic and energetic. He is easy to talk to. It felt pleasing and peaceful to be around him. He has a very powerful voice. He is very intuitive and observant but most importantly he is very humble. According to me he is a great teacher. He explains everything in details and makes healing seem effortless. every meditation session with him is more powerful than the next. Pranic Healing has helped me come out of my shell and has reduced my anxiety. The meditations have helped me find peace and better perspective in a fast paced city like Mumbai.

Savita, PuneOnline meditations to reconnect

Doing courses with Dr Prashant has the added advantage of learning from a doctor’s point of view, other than getting a firm foundation in Pranic Healing. A true spiritual practitioner need not be physically present in front of the idol. Similarly, when dr Prashant conducts meditation sessions on zoom, it is so easy to focus and connect with the entire group.

Rhea Jeswani - MumbaiDr. Prashant made it simple

In todays time is has become so difficult for everyone to gather and mediate together at the same time, Dr Prashant has made it so simple by using technology in the best possible manner. Cannot thank him enough for the efforts he puts. I would also like to especially mention about his eye for details and the efforts he takes to ensure that each one of us is just doing it right! God bless you Doc! Much gratitude,

Amita Mani- BangaloreAuthentic role model

Dr Prashant has been an invaluable support for me and my family - as a healer, as a guide and spiritual cum healing advisor as a friend and as a colleague/ co-traveller on the spiritual journey. His approach has been always gentle, understanding, nurturing, practical, intuitive and encouraging. His non-judgemental attitude, everytime - to heal, to hold my hand, to help to guide. Makes him for me a close authentic role model of my Guru - GMCKS.

Debbie Berger - USAVery grateful

I am so grateful to Alex te Paske for offering Pranic Healing for me and guiding me with the Divine Invocation for blessings, and teaching me breathing exercises. He has listened and been there for me as I work through releasing everything that is not for my highest good. I am so grateful. With love, Debbie Berger